Terms Of Use




The website (hereinafter The “Website”) is an e-shop for the trading of goods and services. The user/visitor of the Website is asked to read these Terms of Use carefully through and to proceed to the use of the pages and services of the Website, only if he fully accepts the present Terms of Use. By entering the Website it is inferred that the user/visitor is aware of the Terms of Use and fully accepts them.

Every time the user/visitor visits or uses the Website he/she electronically confirms the implicit acceptance of the Terms described herein. The mere access and use of the Website constitute an implicit acceptance of the present Terms of Use and General Transaction Terms, as in force. It is thereby inferred that the user/visitor has carefully read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use and the General Transaction Terms, as well as the observance of Greek and European legislation.

The use of the Website must only take place for lawful purposes. The user/visitor is obliged to use the Website according to the law and the Terms of Use and not to proceed to any actions or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to the Website and to negatively influence it or endanger its use. The aforementioned acceptance involves all users/visitors of the Website without any exception.

The users/visitors remain personally and solely responsible for their actions during the use of the Website. The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be created by the failure of the users/visitors to comply with the content of the present Terms. The users/visitors may also be responsible for any damage or loss of the Company or a third party due to their non-compliance.



Website content


The Company is bound regarding the quality, completeness and validity of the information offered at the present Website, as well as regarding the identity of the Company and the services offered under the proviso of technical or typographical errors that may occur, which cannot be predicted or have occurred involuntarily or pauses in the operation of the present Website due to force majeure.



Protection of Underage Users


The Website addresses adults over eighteen (18) years. Nevertheless, if underage users/ visitors gain access to the Website and use it, the Company is not responsible for their exposure to its content or for any other use of the Website. Users/visitors who stated a false date of birth and the person who has parental responsibility are responsible to the Company for any damage that may be created for the Company by their false statement.

Any trading/exposure or circulation of pornographic images of underage children, as well as any seduction of a minor constitute penal offences and are prosecuted according to the law. If the use or addition of illegal content to the Website by users/visitors is detected, the Company is entitled to interrupt the access of the user/visitor to the services of the Website without prejudice to any legal right.



Website content – Copyrights


The Website and its content, as indicative and not restrictive trademarks, distinctive title, domain name, source code, photographs, images, graphics, interactive applications, texts, sound files and audiovisual work files (hereinafter The “Content”), is the object of exclusive copyrights and industrial property rights either of the Company or of a third party and lies under the protection of the relevant provisions of Greek and international law regarding copyrights and industrial property rights. The Content of the Website is offered to the users/ visitors “as it is” for their own information and personal use.

The users/ visitors acknowledge that the Company and third parties, natural or legal, with whom the Company collaborates regarding the operation and use of the Website, reserve all property rights, trademarks, logos, images, distinctive titles, regarding the software of the Application, information, and material offered through it and their form, as well as any other copyright or know-how right, legally owned by the Company and/or any third parties collaborating with the Company according to the aforementioned Terms. The Company reserves the right to exercise every legal right in the event of violation of the aforementioned rights.





The Company is making every reasonable effort for the safekeeping of personal data of the users by following strict safety measures, which may be altered or modified according to the better judgment of the Company.



Personal Data


The Company bounds to protect personal data of users/visitors of the Website and to comply with the relevant provisions of law 2472/1997 for the protection of the individual from personal data processing, as in forced from time to time. Information regarding personal data of the users/visitors is not collected, except when the latter offer this information willingly. Providing personal data is not required in order to navigate through the Website. Nevertheless, if the user/visitor wishes to order products from the Website and for the needs of support, promotion and execution of the transaction relationship with the user/visitor as well as for the needs of general communication with him/her it is possible that the disclosure of his/her personal data is requested (…). Personal data of users/visitors are solely used for the execution of orders and contracts that will be signed through the Website for the supply of the products.

The user/visitor agrees that the data he supplies are complete, correct, true, exact and valid and that in case these will change he/she will inform the relevant service of the Website, in order for the sign-up data to remain complete, correct, true, exact and valid.

Signed – up users/visitors remain solely responsible for all actions which take place through their personal access code, username and account in general. They also have full responsibility for the careful use of their account and any performed and/or possible security breach. Signed – up users/visitors agree to immediately notify the Company for any non authorized use of their account and any performed and/or possible breach of the security code.

The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss for the users/visitors that occurs from the inability of the users/visitors to respect and comply with the present clause. By signing up at the Website the user/visitor agrees that his personal data will be used by the Company as it is responsible for their processing through automated means either by the Company itself, either by any other natural or legal person collaborating with the Company for the execution of the processing assigned by the Company and for the Company’s behalf, and within the limits of promotion and execution of the transaction.

Signed – up users/visitors as well as any other individual who personally supplies their personal data to the Website, have the right to ask and to receive from the Company the following information: a) all personal data that concern them, b) the aim of their processing and any given recipients, c) the correction of their data that is being held at the archives, as well as the right to state any objection regarding the data that concern them. Signed-up users/visitors have the right to ask at anytime and without any expense for their data to be erased at any time, by sending an e-mail at disclosure of personal data by users/visitors of the Website as stated above constitutes an acceptance of the Terms of Use of these data according to the present.





The e-shop accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards. The payment will be effected as a lump – sum payment and there is no possibility for installment payment. The amount of lump-sum payment besides the value of the products also includes shipping fees.

For credit card buys the client will have to follow the instructions found in the Website. In the order form that he/she will find, he/she will have to state the number and expiration date of the credit card used. The charge of the credit card only takes place after the data and the validity of the credit card have been checked and verified. The client is solely responsible for the correct writing and the validity of the credit card data.

In every case of purchase, the buyer must be the possessor of the card used for any transaction that takes place.



Obligations of users/visitors


The user/visitor of the Website is solely responsible for the legal use of the Website and must not proceed to any illegal actions and misuse.

The user/visitor is prohibited to send or upload in any way illegal material on the Website. Any material that violates rights of third parties (p.e. copyrights and rights of industrial property and classified rights and rights of personal data protection) and/or is false, inaccurate, threatening, abusive, offensive, vulgar, violent, slanderous or material that encourages illegal actions is considered illegal. Also users/visitors are prohibited to cause any damage on underage persons, counterfeit or alter the credentials of users/visitors with the aim to mislead regarding the origin of the material transmitted through the Website, upload, publish, or use any other medium for the installment of any unsolicited advertisement or other content that is related to the promotion of goods and services or third websites, to send electronic messages that are unwanted and not invited by the receiver and to promote any other unwanted content.

Users/visitors agree that they will not endanger the safety of the present Website and that they will not prevent any user/visitor from accessing the present Website. The user/visitor agrees and accepts that the Company has no responsibility for material with the aforementioned characteristics, which originated from third parties and is hosted at the Website. Under no circumstances can it be assumed that the Company embraces or accepts such material.

The user/visitor understands and accepts that by using the Website services he may be exposed to offensive, immoral or illegal material. In case the Company is informed that any content insults in any way the rights of third parties, it reserves the right to immediately delete it and, at the same time, to interrupt the operation of the user/visitor’ s account, who violates these Terms of Use. The Company states that it will cooperate with any police or judicial authority for the disclosure of the identity of any user/visitor, who publishes, uploads or transmits such material or information.

The users/visitors bound that the data they submit to the Website are complete, correct and exact, that they comply with the provisions of applicable legislation, that they abstain from any illegal use of the Website or of any use of the Website that is contrary to moral standards and that they do not violate any kind of third party rights and, especially, third party personal data. In case a user/visitor causes technical damage to the Website or the systems that transmit the Website to users/visitors, he/she is responsible for any damage or loss that may occur by his actions according to the aforementioned Terms, and he/she is responsible for the restoration of the damage or loss.

Also, the user/visitor of the Website acknowledges and accepts that he/she is solely responsible against the Company, its collaborators as well as any third party for the restoration of any damage or loss that may occur for them by the content he/she uploads, publishes or otherwise transmits through the Website services as well as in the event of any inaccurate data entry during his signing up or updating of his data and in general in the event of any violation of the present Terms of Use.

The user/visitor understands and accepts that the Company reserves the exclusive right to interrupt the disposal of its content to the users/visitors who it believes have violated the present Terms of Use without any prior notice. The Company has no obligation against the user/visitor for the aforementioned interruption or for any claim that is connected to the aforementioned interruption.



Prohibition/ suspension/ interruption of access


The Company has the right to unilaterally forbid and/or interrupt the disposal of the Website (or the operation of any of its functions) to any user/visitor, if the Company according to its better judgment considers this access may expose the Company and/or the user/visitor and/or any third party to danger of any sort, as well as that the user/visitor has violated the Terms of Use – General Transaction Terms and/or the law.

The Company reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Website (or the operation of any of its functions) if works of upgrade, operational improvements on matters of security are taking place. In this case the Website will not be available to users/visitors.



Statements and disclaimers


The users/visitors agree that they are solely responsible for the use of the Website. Under the condition of the non-existing of a mutually accepted written agreement between the Company and users/visitors and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law the Company offers the Website services and its content “as it is” and does not proceed to statements or guarantees which are explicit, implied, institutional or other in reference to the Website and its use. By way of indication only the Company does not offer any statements and guarantees for the non-violation or absence of hidden or other accuracy defects or for the absence of recognizable or non-recognizable faults. Therefore the Company disclaims any responsibility for (a) faults, inaccuracies, (b) any damage (proprietary or moral) that occurs from the use of the Website, (c)any interruption, pause or bad quality of the Website services, (d) viruses, Trojan horses that may be transmitted through the Website or any third party using the Website, (e) any mistake deriving from an action or omission regarding the Website content or any damage that occurs as a result of the Website use. The Company disclaims any responsibility for any product or service that is being advertised or offered through the Website and in no case does it observe and will not be a part of any transaction between any user and any provider of goods or services.

The Company will make every reasonable effort to maintain and offer the content of the Website. Nevertheless, the users/visitors accept that the Company has the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt the whole Website or a part of the Website with and/or without warning to the users/ visitors, taking under consideration the fact that the availability may be affected by the users hardware, by other communication networks, by the large number or persons who try to use the Website simultaneously or by other causes. Consequently, the Company has no responsibility for any kind of damage (positive, consequential, by negligence, contractual or other) that may be caused by the inability of access of the users/visitors to it, the pause of the whole Website or parts of it, the delay, the non delivery, the interruption or bad quality of delivery of its services or the loss of their content, the existence of any kinds of errors. In any case the Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently seize the operation of the whole Website or parts of it for reasons of maintenance or upgrading or any other reason at any given time.

The Company does not guarantee that pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that the Website will be safe, that the errors will be corrected in it or that the server offering the Website has no viruses or other damaging elements. The cost of possible corrections or services rendered will be paid by the user/visitor and in no case by the Company.



Limitation of liability


Provided there is a different obligatory regulation according to legislation, in no case is the Company responsible against users/.visitors on the basis of any legal assumption that involves special, random, inflicted, imposed as penalty or for exemplary reasons damages that occur by the use of the Website even if the Company is informed about the possibility of these damages. The users/ visitors explicitly accept that the Company will not be responsible for the content or any illegal or offensive behavior of any user/visitor or third party and fully accept the danger of any insult or damage deriving from the above reasons.



Other terms


The present Terms of Use – General Terms of Transactions and any rights that are included in them can in no case be the object of transfer or concession on behalf of the users/visitors without the prior written consent of the Company, except when it is explicitly foreseen. The Company has the right to transfer and to sign its rights over without any other formality.

The Company has the right to modify and/or temporarily and/or permanently interrupt a part or all of the Website’s services with or without warning of the users/ visitors.

The Company has the right to modify without warning the present Terms of Use at ant time, with the obligation to update the present text on any modification or addition. Nevertheless, the continuous use of the Website after the above modifications infers the implicit acceptance of the Terms of Use – General Transaction terms. Consequently, the frequent verification of the Terms of Use – General Terms of Transaction is recommended.

The non-validity of a certain term of the present Terms of Use – General Terms of Transactions does not impinge the validity of the rest of the Terms, but just ceases to apply by right.

In case any user/visitor disagrees with the Terms of Use – General Terms of Transactions that are foreseen in the present, the user/visitor is obligated to abstain from the use of the Website.



Applied law – Judicature


The applied law for the resolving of any dispute that may occur by the present is the Greek Law.

For any dispute that may occur by the present Terms of Use – General Transactions Terms, including disputes regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the present the Courts of Athens are considered to be competent.