Shipping Information



Orders/ Delivery of products/Shipping fees


The products shown in the Website are all handmade and are being produced pre-order.

Orders and deliveries are accepted and executed within Greece and from abroad. Deliveries take place every day except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The products shown in the Website are all handmade. Due to this reason the products shown in the Website are only offered for a limited period of time and only until the depletion of stock. The client acknowledges that the rendition of colors may deviate from reality regarding nuances and tones, because these are produced by electronic machinery and their settings are affected by the possibilities of each machine and the user/visitor.

For some of the products offered at the Website the exact repetition of certain material is not possible because of their uniqueness. The description of these products offers a footnote stating which material will be similar but not exactly the same.

The prices stated are the final prices, including VAT. The Company reserves the right to change the prices without prior noticing the clients. In any case, during the time in which the client will receive the product he ordered, he/she will pay the price which was valid during the time of the order.

After the completion of the order, the client will receive through e-mail and/or by phone the confirmation and the number of his/her order.

Before the order is completed, during the electronic procedure of the order, the client may click on the relevant field “Cancel” and in that way he/she can automatically cancel his/her order.

The client has the right to exchange products of equal value, if these have not been used of modified. The exchange can take place within fourteen days (14) from the day he/she received the products, and he/she will be burdened with the cost of shipping to and from the Company and will have to inform the Company about the new products he/she wishes provided they are available.

In case a product ordered by the client is not available, the transaction will be cancelled and the Company will notify the client by e-mail within two (2) days from the day when the order was placed, so that he/she will be informed about the cancelling of the order.

The Company is not responsible against the clients in case some product is damaged or destroyed during shipping.

The Company can offer no guarantee regarding the availability of the products, but it guarantees the timely notification of end consumers regarding their non – availability.

In case the purchase took place through credit card, for the safety of its possessor, the products will be delivered only to the buyer, who must receive his/her order in person by showing his/her original Identity Card or passport and his/her credit card. The acceptance of the delivery by a third person is prohibited, unless the buyer authorizes a third person in writing. In the event of a written authorization, the authorized person must demonstrate the aforementioned documents in order for the delivery of the products that were bought by credit card to be completed.

Deliveries in and out of Greece are completed within 10 working days from the day of the order, under the proviso of the timely delivery by collaborating courier companies and of the availability of the products.. In extraordinary cases and after the client has already been notified, the time of delivery may be postponed. The Company is not liable for any delays in the time of delivery of the products in the event of force majeure and/or other reasons which are not a liability of the Company.

The delivery of the products is solely performed by the collaborating courier companies ELTA and DHL. Shipping fees for all Greece, regardless of the size and weight of the products amount to 6 euro with ELTA courier and 8euro with DHL and burden the client. International shipping fees regardless of the size and wight of the products amount to 18euro with ELTA courier and 30euro with DHL and burden the client.